Confirmation & First Communion

Communion is the culmination of the sacraments of initiation.  Before a child is led to the Eucharistic table, their baptism is confirmed.  Confirmation is celebrated in a Liturgy of the Word led by the Bishop of the Toowoomba Diocese, while first Communion is received by the children within the Mass.

Requesting Confirmation/First Communion:
Parents ask for Confirmation/First Communion when they are ready to prepare with their children.  Parents are supported as they share their faith and the faith of the church with their children in the prepation time.

A Sacramental preparation programme is planned each year.  This is advertised through the parish and school newsletters.  Parents are asked to come to adult meetings before they enrol their child/children and then participate in the preparation sessions and the celebration of the sacraments.

In line with Diocesan guidelines, children are asked to learn about God who forgives, whom we then celebrate in the Sacrament of Penance.  Opportunity for this is offered before Confirmation/First Communion.

Confirmation/Communion are celebrated usually during Term 2 of the School Year. Initial Parent meetings are held in February/March and the family preparation  from early in Term 2.

Confirmation/First Communion 2021
Parents who wish to present their children for Confirmation/First Communion 2021 are encouraged to contact the Parish Leader via email: or by phone: 0407 804 461.