Parish Leader

The social teaching of the Church also informs many of the activities of the community. Emphasis has been given to how the Gospel impacts issues relating to Australia’s indigenous people, the ecology and ways of helping share what we have as a community with people who have not been as fortunate as we. All of this is in line with our desire to ensure that the Gospel and societal issues engage each other.

As you investigate this web-site at greater depth the reader will see a variety of policy statements that have been formed by the community and act as a guide to parishioners and future community leaders. These give a broad view of how we gather to worship and celebrate; how we care for and use our material assets for the good of many; how we work together to ensure a safe environment for children and young people and how we work toward welcoming and including all who want to be part of our community.

In the “About Us” pages that follow, you will find the Vision, Mission and Goals that guide the endeavours of our Faith Community. You will also see in detail the way our Pastoral Life is organised and how the Administration of the Parish is conducted.

We hope you enjoy the glimpses of our life that this web-site offers.