Guidelines for Outreach Minister

Goal: That parishioners are aware of the need of people in our society and that as a parish we respond where possible


  • To ensure open lines of communication are available between individual parishioners, parish groups and the Pastoral Council
  • To ensure that groups within the parish who respond to people in need are supported and encouraged


  • Is aware of the aims of the St Vincent de Paul Society and how this functions in our parish
  • Is aware of how the parish supports those who have suffered bereavement: at time of death, care and concern at time of bereavement, preparation and celebration of the funeral, follow-up support or contact
  • Knows who are sick in their homes: is aware of those who visit, ensures the sick who desire to receive communion are visited, is aware of when the sacrament of the sick is celebrated in the parish, is aware of how the retirement homes with the parish are visited
  • Ensures there is a network in the parish for emergency care and concern