A welcoming atmosphere is fostered by St Thomas More’s.  It is hoped that all who want to be part of our faith community experience acceptance and a sense that participation is encouraged.  While there are formal avenues to express hospitality, every parishioner and parish structure contributes to the welcoming environment of the community.

Family Groups aim to promote community within the parish by sharing Christian life and supporting each other especially in time of need.  The groups meet monthly for a variety of activities (picnic, meals, games etc).  Everyone is welcome from singles to grandparents, single parents and ecumenical families.  Each group works together to foster love and friendship.

Welcomers: As well as those who welcome people at Mass, the Family Groups organise two welcom evenings each year for new parishioners.  On arrival at the parish, people are asked to enter their name in the book provided if they would like to be visited.

Cup of Tea: each Sunday is prepared by people in parish groups.

Open Door meets every Wednesday as a place of welcome to anyone who comes.

Catholic Ladies Group  participates in Mass/Liturgy, spiritual exercise/faith education and/or ecumenical reflections.  Fundraising activities support charitable works and social justice issues are addressed.  Outreach is offered to those who are sick, elderly, shut-in or to those in need.  Ecumenical gatherings are attended and each month there is a card day.

Social Club ensures that the parish meets at particular times during the year to ‘have fun’ – Paddy’s night, Melbourne Cup Dinner, Thank you Dinner, Spring Breakfast etc.

Guidelines for Hospitality Minister