Faith Education

On-going education in faith is recognised as an essential as the community grows to a greater maturity, and as theology develops. Breaking open the Word through the weekly homily is valued as well as reflection on the Word as presented in the weekly parish bulletin.

Through the Pastoral Council, visiting speakers are invited each year.  This is opened to the wider diocese.  Parishioners also participate in opportunities for on-going faith development that is offered on a diocesan level.  As well as this, every ministry group has formation as part of their group meetings.

Sacramental Teams: parishioners help with the preparation for the Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion.  Adults are initiated through the RCIA programme.

On-going Adult Faith Education is offered on a weekly basis to support parishioners in theliving of their baptismal call to discipleship.

Newsletter: Each week the newsletter offers a reflection on the Scripture readings and also a page on a currrent issue.  Parishioners are asked to spend time in personal reflection each week.

SPRED – Special Religious Education for people with an intellectual disability and is a Diocesan ministry to which St Thomas More’s contributes.  The aim is to provide education in faith and integration into the liturgical life of the parish.  There is a parish based catechetical programme for children, adolescents and adults.  Training and support from the SPRED staff is offered to helpers and sponsors who provide a one-to-one relationship for each person with a disability.

Guidelines for Faith Education Minister